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Arash Molla aka ArtSaves , jeune iranien (Téhéran) retenu pour le Redbull Music Academy Berlin 2018 vous offre une heure d’une mixtape à son image, rugueuse, rythmées et sinueuse. Une des nouvelles révélations du taureau rouge, qui en plus de son record, vous propose de découvrir ses écoutes du moment à travers un top cinq de ses morceaux favoris du moment.

Auteur de ‘My Autumn’s Done Come’ le 15 mars dernier, qui s’est retrouvée compilée sur la charity compilation de Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp Montreal 2017 , nous avions flashé sur cette production à découvrir ci-dessous avant sa mixtape et son top 5 du moment.

1) John Martyn – Bless The Weather

Timeless track form a great artist with unique style of singing and playing guitar. Sometimes you might think there are two guitars playing at the same time, but it’s only one. This track is very special for me as it emphasis on feeling blessed to have sth one day and losing it another day under the same circumstances. The natural life span of everything and knowing that everything that is given can be once taken away.

2) Khruangbin – Como Me Quieres

New favorites! Really like the eastern motifs there. Simply shows how you can reach deep emotional impact with minimum instruments. I have stopped downloading albums for a while, and I wasn’t really happy about it, but this song reminds and urged me once again to download a full album.

3) Yussef Kamaal – Strings of Light

Playful funk jazz with a modern touch to entertain your brain. Love to see them live on stage.

4) Night Moves – Colored Emotions

This track is like the soundtrack of Vancouver for me during my stay there. It was my first time coming to Canada as part my immigration process. My friend played this in his car and it just clicked right away.

5) Solange – Cranes in the Sky

Simple yet beautiful pop song in my opinion. Naked and bold statement about fragility of human mind, accompanied by fitting instrumentation and composition to set the mood.The struggle and trying to be strong during life using different drugs and running away from problems. The truth that it’s not working in the end. Some wounds will only heal through time, or you better hope so!


Thanks to Arash Molla aka ArtSaves !

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